A wallpaper time capsule...

When we stripped all the old plasterboard off the stud walls in the old part of the house we found a treasure trove of wallpapers trapped beneath....

In the hall there was this very yellow floral number.

This green and gold glitzy number was in the living room.

Some more sparkle, this time a leafy design with lots of silver dots.

This one was a little more subtle and one of the only ones that wasn't floral.  Its a sort of chain design with a touch of gold.

This one looks quite tropical!

This one looks quite hawaiian  or surfy!

These roses were in the dining room and are quite dramatic when seen on a whole wall scale!

I can't remember where this was but it's very pink...

This one would give Cath Kidston a run for her money!

This is the last one we found and it's quite delicate with pink cornflowers on a white background.

All the stud walls in the old part of our house are made of tongue and groove.  They had been papered with old newspapers first - I think probably to stop the ridges of the wood from showing through on the wall paper.

We've stripped the wallpaper right back and have repaired bits of the wood that were rotten or simply missing.  There's still lots of work to do before we can paint but I can't help dreaming of what colours to use!  Having stripped all the wallpaper off I'm definitely going to steer clear of putting anymore up, paint all the way!

I've no idea what date any of the wallpapers are from, do leave me a comment if you recognise any of them or know when they might be from!