Picnic at Mount Stewart

As a birthday treat George and I went out to Mount Stewart for a picnic with our friends Kerry and Felix. It was a gorgeous sunny day, the first proper day here you could sit outside in short sleeves.  It was even quite warm in the shade.

We went for a bit of a walk after eating lots of lovely food.. My favourite thing about our buggy is that I can fit my wicker picnic basket underneath it!

and were accosted by some very loud and nosey ducks!

They got really close!  I suspect they maybe wanted some of our picnic!

The National Trust have recently bought more land around the estate and have open up some bits that I hadn't been in before.  This was the dairy which leads of a walled garden.

There were some beautiful tiles on the walls.

I think this was a rather ornate old fridge.

This is the walled garden, it is pretty derelict at the moment, I'm not sure if they have plans to reinstate it.

I loved this cheerful, if slightly grubby door!

My first sighting of a bluebell this year!

Views of the lake.

We managed to get a quick peek round the downstairs of the house which has been newly renovated but we didn't get a look upstairs so I will have to go back another day.