Galway adventures...

Last month we took a short trip to Galway.  Dee was sailing and George and I decided to tag along and see the sights.  We just went for the weekend so we packed a lot into two days.  The first day we walked into the city centre and wandered around in the sunshine which was rather nice.  However I didn't get to take as many photos as I liked as George got rather grumpy each time I wanted to stop!

The Spanish arch.  We had a look round the museum which is just round the corner from here.  It was pretty good, they had an exhibition on the cinema in Ireland and another one about Dance halls.  There is a restaurant attached to it which serves a rather nice carrot cake too.

Not all that impressed with the sights.

The boats out racing in the bay.

I was rather taken by this building, it looks a bit like a piece of Wedgewood pottery or something!

We headed out to my favourite restaurant, Trattoria, for tea.  Every time I've been in Galway I've had something to eat here and it's always delicious!

The next day we headed to Kylemore Abbey.  I think I was here once as a child but that was a long time ago, so I've always wanted to go back as a grown up!  Unfortunately the weather was a bit crap and I got soaked quite a bit but it did dry up enough to take a quick scoot round the victorian walled garden.  It's pretty formal with some rather jazzy patterns in the bedding plants!

A rather stylish glass house - they are gradually repairing and rebuilding these, I'm guessing they're probably quite expensive to rebuild.

Some serious sheds.

This is the head gardener's house.  Not too shabby!

Cold frames.

The view over the vegetable gardens.

 Gates out from the walled vegetable garden.

Pink Poppy.

Sweetpea in amongst the beetroots.

This was a whole bed of comfrey used for making comfrey tea to feed the plants.

Another view of the formal gardens.

The abbey.  You can look inside at a few of the rooms that have been refurbished as they would have been in the gardens heyday.

More rain!

All in all it was a lovely weekend and a good first trip to take with George as it involved no planes or anything, just driving in the car which mostly just sends him off to sleep!