Day trip to Mount Stewart

One Saturday Mum, Dad, me & George took a trip to Mount Stewart.  It was a bit of a dull day but the gardens were still very busy.  We had a great walk around then finished it all off with a lovely lunch in the cafe (with good timing as it bucketed as we went in and then the sun came out when we'd finished!)

The house.

Mum, Dad and George.

Some yarn bombing.

Lots of ducks about.

I loved this faded blue hydrangea, it reminded me of a ladies hat from the 1960's!

Totally unimpressed with the scenery.



Dad taking photos with his new tablet!

I have one of these plants in a pot by the front door but it looks so pathetic compared to this, think i might need to feed it or move it somewhere better!

I thought this clematis looked a bit like it was covered in lots of tiny Andy Warhol wigs!

The formal gardens are filled with lots of fancy planters, I really like them but I suspect they might look a bit silly in my ordinary garden!

There are lots of different bits of topiary around the place too, I like this boat the best.

There are stone creatures everywhere, it would make a great treasure hunt for kids.

George and mum admiring the lily pond.

These nasturtium put mine to shame, must try harder next year as they looked amazing here.

More stone shapes.

Lovely anemone.