First Trip in the Campervan

For our first anniversary we decided to take our first trip in the Campervan now that it has passed its MOT.

We didn’t go too far, just down to the lovely campsite at Castle Ward, near Strangford.

The night before we headed off I had to make some curtains, as it was something I have been meaning to do for ages but of course I left it to the last minute!

We also decided that we were going to put the bunks back in but when we got them out of the shed we realised that one of them didn’t actually have any fabric on it and the one that did was quite badly torn….

So I had to make two new bunks as well as all the curtains - really should have started this earlier!

I had bought the stripy material from Ikea last year - we used it at our wedding, staple gunned to the not so pretty notice boards in the old church hall we used for our reception.

After nearly three years of working on the campervan it was amazing to be actually packing it up with all our camping stuff.

After stopping for a bite of lunch in Picnic in Killyleagh, we headed on down to Castle Ward and set up camp.

The campsite was very busy, completely full in fact. Its a really nice spot though, completely surrounded by trees.

We stuck out a bit in comparison to all the other caravans.

Once we were set up we had a glass of pimms and listened to some wimbeldon on our new but old looking Bush Radio

The campsite is great as it is only a short stroll into Strangford were there are nice pubs and cafes and then from there you can easily go as a foot passenger on the ferry across to Portaferry (which we did both days we were there for the grand sum of £2 each return)

The road into Strangford is very pretty with the verges covered in Red valerian…

For my first cooking experience in the campervan I went all out and decided to make eggs benedict, which was perhaps a little ambitious, but it was our first anniversary after all!  Although it was a bit of a palava it actually turned out very nice, and we washed it down with some buck’s fizz made with a bottle of fizz that my sister and her fiance had given us as a present.

Glastonbury was also on the same weekend so we spent both nights staying up late listening to the radio and drinking more pimms, which was very good fun indeed!

All in all it was a great first trip and I really hope we’ll be able to get away in it again soon!