So as usual I haven’t posted in a quite a while but I have been up lots of stuff so have plenty of photos…

Things finally starting to bloom in the garden and also finally some sunshine in which to enjoy the garden - bench, cushions, book or magazine, radio and either a cup of tea or a cold beer depending on what time of the day it is, is my idea of a rather perfect day!

Every spring I worry that I might have killed the apple trees off during the winter so its always a relied when the leaves and flowers begin to appear!

Been adding to my tin tower with some lovely additions from St Georges Market (the two top ones)

Shed studio progress…

So the studio shed has been progressing nicely.  Had to clear all of our rubbish out of it first though, the least fun part of the transformation!

Almost cleared.

My very skilled other half clad the inside walls and floor with polystyrene and wooden board so it will be nice and cosy in the winter.

He put this slab down and left this corner to do with fireproofed boards as I’m hoping to have a little wood burning stove in here in the future when i can afford it as although its been roasting this week i know its probably going to be pretty chilly come the autumn or winter (or in fact a normal summers day here!)

painting the walls.

painting some furniture to go in the shed

my helper having a snooze in the sun on top of the glass that I still haven’t put back in the glasshouse since it was moved!

Painting some shelves for the shed.  Its almost finished now but its taking me quite a while to get all my stuff in it put away in some sort of order, I never realised I had quite so much.  As I want to debut it at its best I’ll wait to take photos when its all finished and organised - hopefully it won’t take me too long!

I went to the lovely wedding of my dear friends Sarah and Dave, they had really beautiful weather and above is a shot of the bride’s gorgeous bouquet.  I have weddings on the brain now as I’m getting married at the end of June so I might post a few weddingy things in the next few weeks but I promise not to go too mad!

And finally I spotted this sign in the ice cream shop on a lovely sunny outing to newcastle.  Made me smile so much… Moose thick butterscotch sauce anyone?