Catch up part one...

So as usual it’s been a while since I posted anything but I have been storing up lots of photos of things that I’ve been meaning to post but never get round to.  But today I’m going to finally sort things out so this might be a bit of a mammoth post! (or two or three!)

First up some titanic related bits and pieces… I know I’m a bit late with this as titanic mania is a bit old news now but better late than never I suppose!

At the start of April I went to an exhibition in one of the unused areas of Victoria Square.  It was held by the Belfast Print Workshop and all the prints were based around the theme of Titanic…. here are some of my favourites *apologies for the photographs, it was a very sunny evening and there were lots of windows in the exhibition space so there are lots of reflections I’m afraid*

the one above is by my sister sarah majury, the image is made up of the names of all the passengers and crew who were on board the Titanic.

These two above are by Brian Magee

Will White

In other titanic related stuff I worked on a project with NI Cancer Fund for Children and Katie from AV Browne to create an illustration of the Titanic for their Titanic Ball in May.

It was used on their billboard and bus shelter ad’s - it was very nice seeing my illustration printed out that big!

And it has also been beautifully screen printed by Katie and Jessica (from the Print Workshop).  The screen print is going to be auctioned at the ball.

Well I think that’ll do for now!  I’ve lots more to blog about so I will get organised and bring you catch up part two shortly!