All at Sea talk at PRONI

Yesterday I went to a talk at the new Public Records Office building down in the Titanic Quarter.  It was a lovely sunny day (if a little cold when the wind blew) so I took some photos on my walk there….

some lovely cherry blossom

a not too wonky looking Albert Clock

The big fish

These trees were outside the odyssey.  There’s loads of them, I suspect the really bad winter at the end of 2010 probably finished them off!

The new titanic building.

The giant titanic kit sculpture

The new PRONI offices down in the Titanic Quarter.  The talk was called ‘All at Sea’ and was about all the different maritime records that they have in their archives.  It was very interesting and not entirely Titanic related.

It was the first time I’d been in the new building, there are some lovely art works in the foyer.

This ceramic piece is by Felicity Straker Graham.  The shelving reminds me of the displays at the British Museum in London.

Detail of the ceramic piece.

This piece is by Rita Dufy, sorry about all the reflections but it’s right beside the door and it really was an incredibly sunny day as proved by this next picture…

And finally a quick snap of the very pretty alley way beside the Duke of York, pity I didn’t have time for a sunny pint!