where does all the time go?

Well many apologies for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been working away like crazy over the last few months and I’m afraid the blog has rather fallen by the wayside. Although I haven’t been posting I have been taking pictures as I’ve been working and have quite a stock pile built.  I decided that I better get on with it and finally post some of what I’ve been up to so here it is…(this might be quite long!)

Lots of printmaking….

lots of inky mess!

piled up finished prints

a very high tech way of weighting down the drying prints ;-)

a print I exhibited as part of the valentines exhibition in Spacecraft.  Its called ‘I wonder if he’ll care?’ you can still see it in the gallery part of Spacecraft.

This is a piece that is in the current ‘Commemorate' exhibition on in Spacecraft.  Its a great exhibition (even if I am a little biased since I'm in it!) and it's on until 28th April so there's plenty of time to head down and take a look.

I’ve also got some work in this lovely new craft gallery just recently opened in Killyleagh.  Its got some really lovely work in it (including work by both my mum and sister!) They have a facebook page here

my books along with a record bowl from magpie in the kingfisher craft gallery

a view inside the kingfisher - I visited on such a lovely sunny day.

And finally…..

I’m going to be a shedworker! I’ve finally got a shed which I’m going to convert into a studio (so i can reclaim the spare room!)  I can’t wait to move in but as you can see from the photo there is lots to do!  I’ve had a shed/studio in the past which I didn’t insulate properly and it was always a bit damp and cold, so learning from past mistakes I’m going to make sure I go the whole hog and put in proper insulation.  I’ll keep you posted with progress and hopefully it won’t be too long before I can unveil the finished studio!

Anyway I think that’s quite enough for one post, plus its a very sunny St Patrick’s day out there so I am going to head out and enjoy some of the guinness brownies I’ve made for the occasion!