Northern Ireland Assembly Gift Shop.

You can now buy my work in the shop and tea rooms up in the Parliament Buildings at Stormont as part of their designer/maker initiative.  Myself and three others will have their work on display and for sale in the gift shop for the next six months.

The building and estate is open to visitors - you can take a tour of parliament buildings for free during the week when the assembly is in session, or you can walk round the estate any day between 7.30am and 6pm as it is a public park, the day I dropped my work in it was a lovely crisp autumnal day with crunchy leaves galore - perfect for stomping on!

At the moment I have a selection of cards, notebooks and large postcards and will shortly be adding cotton tote bags and tea towels to the mix.  As well as some of my popular designs I have also created some new designs especially.



The four new designs.

Here a couple snaps of the work in situ, not great quality I’m afraid so you should definitely head round and see the work in person!

My work.

A snap of the other work which includes Mr Papers and Gail Kelly designs as well as some beautifully intricate jewellery by a new designer.