This made my day...

I have lots to do this evening but stopped to have a cup of tea ages ago and have been reading blogs ever since… tut tut!  However, I did come across something that totally made my day and has made me get back to creating work pronto!

After a weekend spent reading the lovely blog Junkaholique I came across a link to  another lovely blog - Tea for Joy, which has been the main source of my procrastination this evening, so as I normally do I got sucked in and began reading all the previous posts (its great - like reading back issues of magazines but free and they don’t have to sit in piles around your house ;-) anyway I got to August 2010 and lo and behold there were my prints!

Yay! Always nice to think people like my work!  Which is why I must head off now and do some new work, feel all inspired and creative all of a sudden!

So thank you Tea for Joy, that made my day!