recent silence and let's colour project

Hello, sorry for the lack of posting recently, been busy screenprinting away and have been a bit neglectful of the blog.

I am coming to the end of printing my first series of mixtape screen prints and have found myself struggling with what colours to pick.  I have 12 illustrations in the series and have chosen a different colour for each image.  This week I have been picking the last four colours for the last four prints and I must have stood staring at the tubes of paint for ages trying to decide what colour to go for!  As a default I nearly always go for blues and greens - something which I hadn’t really noticed until I put together a portfolio and realised that all the background colours were rather similar!

For colour inspiration I decided I would have a bit of a google to see if I could sway myself away from the blues and greens and I came across the Let’s Colour Project, it’s a project organised by Dulux and a few other paint companies thats aim is to banish some of the grey concrete in this world and replace it with a plethora of colour.  I’ve always been a great fan of exterior colour - I just recently repainted our PVC windows and door for the second time - they were green and are now blue and cream - despite the fact that most people pointed out to me that the idea of them being PVC is that you don’t have to paint them, they look much better now than the original dark brown they were before.  This project is incredibly inspiring - so often you see really neglected or boring grey buildings that could do with a brightening up.

These two images are from the project in Istanbul in Turkey, I particularly like that in the second image they have planted flowers in the empty paint containers!