a room of one's own...

Whilst listening to the radio this morning I heard a piece about Virginia Woolf’s writing cabin at the bottom of her garden.  I’ve just started reading A Room of One’s Own so I was intrigued to hear what they had to say about the space.  After taking a look at some other artists’ and writers’ spaces I am now longing for my own studio shed.

Here is some shed studio inspiration for you…

The inside of Virginia Woolf’s writing cabin.

George Bernard Shaw

Dylan Thomas

chocolate making business run out of this lovely blue shed.

From this article on starting a business in a shed.

Shed Space is a project that uses sheds as unusual portable art galleries.

If you’re looking for more shed studio inspiration then head to Shedworking which has the most comprehensive collection of shed work places.

And finally, when I get my own shed studio I’m definitely getting one of these stoves - called the pipsqueak!