One of my new years resolutions this year was to keep a more visual sketchbook.  I usually have a number of sketchbooks on the go but they always seem to end up filled with written notes and scribbly sketches - which can be great but aren’t really that inspiring when you’re flicking through them.  When I do come to drawing more ‘proper’ drawings I seem to end up doing on scraps of drawing paper which then end up in a drawer. In order to inspire myself I took a look at this book which is completely dedicated to the art of the sketchbook.

Its a great book to just flick through for some quick inspiration but if you have a little longer its worth reading the short pieces of writing before each artist’s sketchbook as it really can give you an insight into the drawings - for instance one artist includes a sketchbook in which he has repeatedly drawn images of skulls and he explains that this particular sketchbook was created around the same time that a close family member had died.  A sketchbook can certainly be a very personal thing - no one else necessarily has to see it - you can use it almost like a diary, putting down your inner most thoughts.  Or it can be something more open, perhaps something that may even be exhibited someday or even published.  Either way sketchbooks are undoubtedly a great tool for harnessing creative energy and getting ideas down on paper.

For more sketchbook inspiration check out Book by its cover’s sketchbook series…  or the moleskin group on flickr is also worth a look.