Drawing and making things is something I've always done.  Sometimes I work on fine art projects like artists' books, sometimes I draw things that I like the look of to make into digital prints and sometimes I just make bits and pieces that make me happy, like bunting for a party or decorations for around the house.

I created Longshot Press in 2010 to showcase my printed work which includes all sorts of traditional printmaking techniques such as lithography, screen printing and dry point as well as digital prints and products like cards and notebooks.  

You can find out more about some printmaking processes on the brilliant Handprinted website and blog. If you'd like to have a go at some of the techniques yourself you can buy most of the stuff you need from their well stocked shop!

When not making things I sometimes facilitate art workshops, collect vintage bits and pieces like tins and old postcards, potter about in the garden and go camping and exploring.  

I do occasionally manage to write a blog post of what I've been up to but I'm much better at posting the odd picture on Instagram!