I love making all sorts of bits and pieces to make life just that wee bit more cheerful and I thought it might be nice to share some of that cheerfulness here!

From time to time I will be adding all sorts of printable goodies for you to download for free and print to your hearts content, to make your life a wee bit more cheerful too!

Seed Packet

With it no longer really lovely gardening weather outside I thought it might be nice to come up with something you could use on a rainy day inside.
I don't know about you but when it comes to seed I have a big cardboard box full of half used bought seed packets and envelopes filled with collected seeds scrawlled with marker pen -
not so lovely! So I decided to create a printable seed packet that would rectify the situation...

Simply print out the image on A4 paper and cut round the edges, fold the flaps and use pritt stick or double sided tape to glue the bottom and side flaps in place.
I have left the top flap un glued and just folded it in but if you were feeling really fancy you could get some envelope glue for the top or simply use some nice
MT masking tape to seal it closed.

Click here to download the coloured version or here for the black and white version.

There's a coloured version and a black and white version - you could print the black and white version on to different coloured paper if you like
- maybe one colour for flower seeds and one for vegetables?

The Small Print....
Longshot Press free printables are for PERSONAL use only. You may not resell the digital file or any printed form of the file. All designs are copyright Emma Majury 2012 - 2017

Rhubarb Chutney Labels

Inspired by a bumber crop of rhubarb and having run completely out of chutney I have decided to make some rhubarb chutney and of course some lovely labels to go with it.
Like the carrot chuntey labels they fit 8 to an A4 page/ Avery L7165
Check out the blog for details on a rhubarb chutney recipe

Download file here (.doc)

Small Book Labels

These could be used for labelling anything you can think of - they would also be good as an alternative to gift tags on presents - especially if you used brown paper as wrapping, lovely!
They fit on Avery labels L7165

Download file here (.doc)

Large Book Labels

These would be perfect for book plates, covering old addresses to reuse envelopes or labelling files and folders.
They fit on Avery labels L7169

Download file here (.doc)

Homemade Carrot Chutney Labels

Printable on labels sized 99.1 x 67.7mm (8 to an A4 page/ Avery L7165)

Download file here (.doc)